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Notice period in the absence of a written contract

21 Oct 2017

Query: “For the past 8 years there has been a commercial relationship between our company (foreign client) and a Spanish company for the distribution of its products; however, over the last twelve months there has been a significant reduction in sales. As a consequence, we…

Disagreement with the directors running my company

21 Oct 2017

Query: “I have a minor shareholding in a company and in disagreement with how the directors are managing it. The directors happen to be the majority shareholders too and, amongst other things, have very high salaries for their functions. But there is nothing I can…

Creación de una sociedad: ¿cuándo y para qué?

05 Ene 2017

Durante los últimos 24 meses se ha producido un aumento paulatino en el inicio de proyectos empresariales. Normalmente, estas iniciativas tienen detrás un proyecto personal o de varios impulsores quienes, una vez concebida su idea, se plantean si iniciarla como trabajadores autónomos o bajo la…