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Online legal & tax advice provides online legal and tax advice to companies. At, we do believe it is most efficient in this way. However, we do not spare the human resources: our team is made up of senior lawyers (+10 years of experience) specializing in each of the areas of the law we advise on. has proven to suit our client’s way of life and their businesses’ day-to-day activity: an online legal and tax advice service through online videoconferencing and secured documents exchange.

This system allows to offer a real online legal and tax advice service. This means that wherever you are based makes available to your business a group of confirmed legal experts, who have attended the best law schools and worked at the Top 3 Spanish law firms. ensures your company has access to comprehensive online legal and tax advice.

Moving away from the brick-and-mortar model, online model seeks to concentrate on getting the best human resources and online tools to provide a flexible and high quality service at best possible rates with the aim of contributing to the business of companies and sole traders through comprehensive online legal and tax advice.