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Tax treatment of dividends from a subsidiary

21 Oct 2017

Query: “Our company has received a dividend from a subsidiary where it holds a 75% stake. What is the tax treatment of this dividend? And if the subsidiary were registered abroad?”  

Subsidiary liability for tax debts

21 Oct 2017

Query: “I have been notified the opening of proceedings for subsidiary liability for tax debts of a company where I acted as director a couple of years ago. Is this possible? Is the liability of directors for a company’s tax debts always subsidiary? Are sanctions…

Legal compliance of an online marketplace

21 Oct 2017

Query: “I want to start an online marketplace and need assistance in drafting the required documents (legal notice for the website, privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc.) and in completing the required procedures (registration of data files) in order to ensure compliance of my business…

Notice period in the absence of a written contract

21 Oct 2017

Query: “For the past 8 years there has been a commercial relationship between our company (foreign client) and a Spanish company for the distribution of its products; however, over the last twelve months there has been a significant reduction in sales. As a consequence, we…

Disagreement with the directors running my company

21 Oct 2017

Query: “I have a minor shareholding in a company and in disagreement with how the directors are managing it. The directors happen to be the majority shareholders too and, amongst other things, have very high salaries for their functions. But there is nothing I can…

A commercial company’s social security debt

21 Oct 2017

  Query: “We own a commercial company with a significant Social Security debt. We do not seem to be able to settle it, but if we do something about it, we may well end up in liquidation. Our query is:   Does company administration (Concurso…

Loan ‘floor clauses’ void for the self-employed

21 Oct 2017

Query: “With the aim of taking advantage of the jurisprudence on loan ‘floor clauses’, may I be regarded as a consumer where I took out a loan to financially support my economic activity as self-employed? And should I not be regarded as a consumer, is…

Expats taxation

08 Ene 2015

  Query: The team of managers in charge of international business development of a Spanish energy company travels often abroad for short periods. The aim is to search for investment opportunities through the participation in public tenders and to make M&A proposals to other companies….

Copyright royalties claims by collecting society

15 Dic 2014

  Query: Claim by a collecting society for the payment of royalties for communication to the public and reproduction of phonograms on radio stations through non-interactive webcasting. “We are a small online radio that broadcasts online only. The content and music that we use are…