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fiscal y tributario, propiedad intelectual, patentes y marcas

What we do offers online legal and tax advice to businesses and sole traders by relying on a team of senior lawyers (+10 experience) who are experts in business and tax law and have developed part of their careers at one of the Top 3 Spanish law firms.

On top of providing comprehensive law & tax advice to businesses and sole traders on labour, civil, commercial, administrative, criminal and tax law, has developed expertise in a number of economic sectors (Banking law, property law, telecommunications and information technology law, etc.) as well as in more specific areas of the law (EU and competition law, International contracts, and arbitration).




IconoLegalPymeLabour law–Human Resources

  • Contracting, suspension, and termination of labour relations.
  • Remuneration and compensation schemes.
  • Geographical and functional mobility.
  • Substantial modifications of working conditions.
  • Top management and posted workers.
  • Support in company restructuring.
  • Representation before administrative and judicial bodies.





  • Advice on national and international taxation.
  • General taxation.
  • Tax planning
  • Transfer prices and related-party transactions.
  • Preparation of tax returns.
  • Tax disputes.
  • Tax due diligence.





  • Commercial contracts.
  • Creation of companies, reforms of by-laws, and corporate restructurings.
  • Creation and financing of start-ups.
  • Shareholders agreements and family protocols.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Insolvency.
  • Intellectual property registration and assistance in notary public procedures.
  • Trademark and patent registration.




IconoLegalPymeCorporate Crimes

  • Tax offences.
  • Corporate crimes and corrupt practices.
  • Intellectual and industrial property offences.
  • Offences relating to the market and consumers.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Fraud offences.
  • Misconduct in public office and misappropriation of public funds.
  • Criminal insolvency.
  • Accidents at work.





  • Litigation before courts of justice in civil, commercial, and corporate matters.
  • Negotiation and extrajudicial dispute resolution through mediation.
  • Consumer arbitration and arbitration before the main Spanish and international arbitration institutions.
  • Ordinary appeals to appellate courts.
  • Special appeals to High Courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.
  • Interim measures, freezing or securing of evidence, and preliminary proceedings.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and international judicial cooperation proceedings.




IconoLegalPymeRegulatory–Information Technology

  • Actions against regulations and administrative acts hindering business activities.
  • Competition law compliance and infringement proceedings.
  • Legal advice to telecommunications companies:
    • TMT sanctions system and related procedures before regulatory bodies.
    • Network security and integrity.
  • Information technology sector companies and the digital economy:
    • E-commerce and online protection of intellectual and industrial property.
    • Data protection.
    • Contracting with consumers, contracting between distant parties, etc.
    • Internet users’ rights.
















  • Advice on European Union law.
  • Representation before the EU institutions.
  • Assessment and monitoring of EU regulations.
  • International contracts.
  • Customs law.
  • International engineering and constructions contracts.
  • E-commerce and intellectual property at an international level.